Sole varied ‘forms’ ain’t dance,

It’s an art that give thou chance,

To move your soul on the sound,

At time, you ain’t bound.

Makes all thy worries flee,

And yes, indeed gives you a glee.

But, inner pleasure with ‘forms’,

Surely does reforms,

And excels thy perform.✨




A tribute to ones, whose sacrifices ain’t lies,

A tribute to ones, for us who dies.

We are safe cause they are brave,

They handle situations which are grave.

Love, family, feeling, emotions ; all they kept aside,

They are indeed our country’s pride.

For the country, they gave their lives,

With proud, they said goodbyes.

At border, they took last breath,

Country mourned at their death.

But, for their kin, have you ever thought?

How do they feel when woeful news is brought?

A salute to their family ; reason of ’em being in the battlefield,

Cause they are certainly our shield.

To such martyrs, we pay homage

Who forever wore bravery as a badge.



mother love

Mother : Unconditional love

From life-giving , to lifetime nurturing ,

She’s the one who keeps on cherishing.

When you’re faced with difficulties, she steps forward,

For your safety she’s never coward.

Her world, is your world,

And she always wish for an ecstatic world.

She is a sculpture of calm, peace and beauty,

To serve you restlessly, she considers her duty.

She never whines for a single time; no doubt,

And keeps on fulfilling your demands, day in and day out.

For you, she’s always selflessly concerned,

And for your joys she had left no stone unturned.

But do we ever had a question to our soul, that is it only our goal ?

Are we so selfish, that we leave her and go when we wish ?

{ Reference to old – age homes }

Hey reader! It’s not really fair. But it’s the bitter truth , that it’s happening everywhere.

People have forgot the value of love and care and they are seeking fake happiness here & there.


The ones who truly love you will never leave you.

So, give a thank to God for your mother cause many don’t have ‘her’.

Just respect her love and give her a smile,

Cause she’ll never leave you even in the journey of miles & always want you to shine.



An appeal : Support the fight against COVID – 19

Here & there disarray everywhere,
A plead to all, not to go anywhere.

‘ Stay home, Save lives ‘ is straightway right,
This motto could be the triumph over the fight.

Not an appeal to only one,
It’s for the well being of everyone.

Here & there disarray everywhere,
A plead to all, not to go anywhere.

‘ United we stand, Divided we fall ‘ fails o’er,
It’s the truth behind the state of hour.

Sundered from society is still well,
Instead, from the world to abide a farewell.

Here & there disarray everywhere,
A plead to all, not to go anywhere.

                                       ~ SAUMYA BAJPAI